Essential Tools for Landscapers: A Comprehensive Guide

Landscaping is a rewarding and fulfilling profession, but it requires the right tools to get the job done. Whether you're starting a new landscaping business or expanding your current one, you'll need a variety of tools to do your job. This includes hand and power tools to perform essential lawn care tasks, such as mowing lawns and removing unwanted shrubs, as well as technology to help keep your business running smoothly. In this article, we'll discuss the specific garden equipment you need and what you should look for when buying.Not all landscaping tools need sophisticated high-tech components.

Many landscaping hand tools are refreshingly simple and low-tech. You'll want a robust variety of basic hand-operated gardening tools, including shovels, rakes, pruning shears, blowers, hedge trimmers, chainsaws, and trailers. Let's take a closer look at each of these essential tools.Shovels are an essential tool for any landscaper. While wood-handled shovels work well, most professionals prefer a fiberglass or steel handle for commercial work.

A shovel is usually an excellent tool to spend a little and improve quality. Choose a shovel with a head made of stainless steel; it's light, resistant and easy to clean. Don't forget to sharpen your shovel several times a year.Rakes are also an important tool for landscapers. Wooden handles normally work well for both types of rakes.

A fiberglass or steel handle is generally not necessary, even when raking dirt or gravel.Pruning shears are used to trim branches. Manual pruning shears can cut branches up to an inch thick; for anything bigger, you'll want electric or gas shears. In recent years, Echo and Stihl have started creating their own versions of multi-tasking landscaping tools.Blowers are one of the most essential landscaping tools due to their versatility. While backpack blowers are the industry standard, you'll also want to remember to buy a handheld blower; it will help you reach those tight spaces (for example, between shrubs).Hedge trimmers are useful for cutting or pruning shrubs.

While lawn care companies can escape without hedge trimmers, landscaping companies can't.Chainsaws are very individualized and depend heavily on how you are going to use them. Plus, you'll be working in quiet neighborhoods, so electric chain saws are more ideal in noise-restricted areas.Whether you should buy an enclosed or utility trailer depends largely on your business needs; there is no right or wrong answer as to which one is better. Typically, these backpacks can hold between 2 and 4 gallons of product.If you're looking for suggestions on the landscaping tools a landscaper needs, here's our list of 10+1 must-have tools:

  • Shovel: A simple lawn tool used to dig the ground; select a wooden, metal or fiber handle for your shovel; all handles work equally well as long as you buy them from a reputable store; select a shovel that comes with a stainless steel head; it will help reduce the extra weight as well as keep it sturdy and durable.
  • Rake: Steel rakes are best used to perform work tasks such as moving dirt, gravel, compost etc.; the leaf rake is used for lighter components such as light leaves, twigs etc.
  • Pruning Shears: Used to trim branches; invest in electric pruning shears and gas pruning shears; choose the type of shear according to the type of work.
  • Lawnmower: One of the most important and expensive power tools you'll ever need for landscaping; invest in a first-class lawnmower; it will cut your labor in half and increase productivity.
  • Weed Cutter: A grass trimming tool used to trim extra twigs and leaves of trees and grass plants; provides a pleasant view of your lawn.
  • Lawn Leveling Tool: If your garden company focuses solely on providing lawn care services; use this tool to smooth out bumps and ridges in your yards before mowing your lawn.
  • Hand Tools: Invest in various hand tools such as shovels, picks, rakes, hoes, spreaders and shears if your company offers lawn care and landscape maintenance services such as planting beds, weeding, fertilizing and pest control applications.
Long-handled hand tools will be the tools you'll use the longest while working in landscaping so it's important to buy comfortable high-quality models to ensure they're a pleasure and not a difficult task to use. Here are our buying tips for the must-have long-handled hand tools:
  • Shovel: The tool you'll use most as a landscaper; invest in a model with a flexible fiberglass handle; wooden handles can break when lifting rocks and stumps; select a model with a stainless steel shovel head that does not rust easily.
To keep your shovel in the best condition make sure to sharpen it several times a year.

To do this simply secure it to a table with a vise and run a metal file along its cutting edge at a 45-degree angle until a nice clean edge appears.Ready to get your hands dirty? Landscapers definitely do - but they require the right gardening hand tools to make the job easier. With this comprehensive guide on essential tools for landscapers you're now ready to start building up your toolbox!.

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