10 Tips to Increase the Value of Your Home Exterior

Home improvements can be a great way to add value to your home. Whether you're looking to increase the value of your home for a future sale or just want to make it more enjoyable for you and your family, there are many ways to do it. From renovating the kitchen and bathrooms to adding architectural lighting, there are plenty of ways to add value to your home. Here are 10 tips to help you increase the value of your home's exterior.Start by repainting any room with a “strange” color scheme, says Timothy Wiedman, a former teacher and personal finance expert who has turned houses over his career.

For example, did you let your then 11-year-old daughter paint her bedroom hot pink 16 years ago? If so, it's a good place to start.If you need to borrow a small amount of cash for your home improvement plans, you may be able to skip the loan and opt for a 0% APR credit card instead. Many cards don't have interest payments on balances for up to 18 months, which can be ideal if you have a smaller scale project in mind. A credit card can also work well if you can pay your contractor with it.The 10 tips below relate mainly to increasing the value of existing exterior features. But if you have the funds to do so, adding to your home's list of exterior benefits is a fantastic way to increase its overall value.

This can be anything from a front patio deck, a patio fire pit, a patio remodel and more. Think about the exterior features that interest you and your family, often those same features will excite future families.These home features that add value to your home make your home a more exciting place to live, which increases its value. Not sure what adds value to the outside of your home? Here are 10 quick tips to give more value to the exterior of your home and help you sell it faster:

  • Opt for architectural lighting to showcase the features of your home, as well as landscape lighting for surrounding grounds and corridors.
  • Install energy-efficient, double-glazed windows that keep out harmful UV light and stop air leaks.
  • Add a variety of shrubs, flowering annuals, and perennials for beauty.
  • Think green when shopping at your local garden center.
  • Pick up debris from fallen trees.
  • Make small repairs in every room.
  • Consider what features appeal to different demographics and geographies.
  • Install a fire pit in the backyard.
  • Add an extra bathroom or large room.
  • Budget between 10 and 20% of your home's value on gardening.
Increasing the value of your home's exterior is not only an effective way to set a higher price, but it's also a great way to get potential buyers to walk through the front door to see the rest of your beautiful home. When it comes time to sell, these improvements will also offer more appeal to buyers, many of whom are interested in energy-efficient features that lower their own costs as homeowners.

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