What does landscape work include?

Landscaping is much more than just planting shrubs and trees and mowing lawns. It consists of a variety of services, such as lawn work, installation of retaining walls, interlocking driveways and more, that can help improve your exterior appeal. It can also increase the value and functionality of your property if done correctly. Landscapers elevate the appearance of outdoor spaces.

They do this by planting beautiful flowers, plants, and shrubs; tending lawns; and trimming hedges to make residential, commercial, and public spaces more aesthetically pleasing. The land needs at least a little preparation before you can start installing the gardening elements. General preparation often includes removing existing lawns or gardens, removing rocks or other debris, and leveling the ground. The specific preparation steps depend on the current state of the yard and the type of landscaping you are doing.

If you are only adding a small garden, preparation will involve removing the lawn and amending the soil. If you're building a cobblestone yard, preparation might involve removing the lawn and leveling the ground in preparation for the paver base. The role of the landscaper is to build and maintain gardens, parks and other outdoor landscapes. Their tasks include ensuring plant growth, cleaning outdoor facilities, and trimming overgrown hedges.

They usually work for a landscaping company or as municipal employees who maintain city parks. Mark comes to Olympic with a degree in landscape architecture from Washington State University. Heidi has a UW degree with an emphasis on environmental studies, more than 10 years of experience in the landscape industry and is V. She also loves being part of an experienced design and construction team that creates unique landscapes for Olympic clients.

John is known as a highly talented and creative landscape design professional with many years of experience in the industry. Hours can be long, especially in spring and summer, and may not exist during the winter months, when the landscaping business slows down considerably. For a large-scale project, a landscape architect or designer can help you create a plan that works. Some of his specific areas of expertise are sustainable landscapes, native plants and fauna, edible landscaping, and living walls and ceilings.

Tyler's duties at Olympic include communicating with staff and customers, scheduling meetings, site visits, ordering plants for landscaping projects, measuring project sites, and managing record keeping of The installation of these items for a customer is not considered a taxable (intermediate) use by the landscape designer. If you are intrigued by the landscape industry and don't know exactly where to start, look for a job here or contact a garden professional in your community for more career-oriented information. He started with Olympic Landscape %26 Irrigation in 1977, during which time he has been the company's lead designer. Since educational requirements aren't particularly strict for someone looking to get into the landscaping business, this could be a good option for those who want to start a career fairly quickly.

She is excited to start her career in the landscape industry with her 3 years of customer service experience. For example, they can work on the plans and designs that a landscape architect will provide for a new golf course, or a complete change for a client's backyard.

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