What Do Landscapers Do? A Comprehensive Guide

Landscaping is a profession that involves improving the layout of existing gardens, as well as specialized areas such as water gardens, fountains, lawn sprinkler systems, and orchards. Landscapers can help with garden installation and maintenance, including landscape design, hard terrain installation, mowing and gardening, irrigation installation, pest control, car washing, and snow clearing. A landscape designer is someone who designs, cares for or improves the landscape. This includes planting lawns, shrubs and trees, as well as advising customers on the best landscaping for their property.

Landscape designers may also specialize in seasonal flower planting and pruning trees and shrubs. In order to become a certified landscape designer, one must earn a college degree in this field and pass the rigorous Landscape Architect Registration Exam (LARE). This exam is administered by the American Society of Landscape Architects and certifies them as landscape architects. Apprentice training programs for landscape designers vary across Canada but generally involve four 12-month periods.

This includes at least 4,800 hours of on-the-job training, four eight-week blocks of technical training, and a final certification exam. Gardeners or gardeners maintain existing outdoor areas by raking and mowing lawns, planting and pruning shrubs and flowers, mulching and weeding landscape beds, spreading fertilizers, and other tasks related to properly maintaining an outdoor area. Landscapers who specialize in lighting can create something truly unique for their garden. They can customize their work to fit individual properties taking into account their unique characteristics.

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