Deck or Patio: Which Adds More Value to Your Home?

When it comes to adding value to your home, both a deck and a patio can be great investments. Patios tend to be less expensive to install and offer a 100% return on investment, while decks offer an average return of 80%. However, the return on investment for a composite deck is lower, around 68% for a basic composite deck and around 60% for a more elaborate one. Wooden decks are more affordable to build, making it easier to recover the costs.In terms of pure resale value, wooden decks provide the best return on investment.

The most affordable material translates into a more affordable deck project while increasing the resale value of your home to a similar amount compared to a composite deck. Nelson says shoppers often just like to see that there would be enough space in the yard to add a patio at some point down the line.It's interesting that patios and decks can have more than 100% ROI, compared to 50-80% for other home improvements. Get the right permits and build a DIY rig to minimize the cost of building the deck and maximize your return. The most important factor in determining the cost recovery of your deck remodeling project is the material you choose to use.However, for many homeowners, the knowledge that their new deck or patio can make their home more attractive to buyers is welcome.

Adding usable outdoor space will help you get more money for your home if you made smart building decisions and took good care of it during your ownership. There's also a third way a new deck or patio addition can add value to your home, and that's during the sales process.However, wooden decks are not as resistant to climate and temperature impacts as composite decks. Organize a selection of flowering herbs, flowers and perennials on a natural privacy wall with greenery and pots to keep unwanted eyes out and effortlessly infuse your patio with vitality.

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