Should you landscape in the winter?

Even though a fall in Florida isn't too cold, it's a good time to start preparing your lawn for cold weather. Shorter days, lower light intensity, and cooler temperatures result in slower lawn growth. So yes, your landscaping can be done in winter. Proper year-round care will give your plants an edge in cold climates.

Plants tolerate cold temperatures better and recover from injury faster when they are healthy. Lawns and landscapes are vital components of creating healthy communities and maintaining good personal health. In addition to improving appearance and exterior appeal, landscaping during the winter can help keep your landscape structure tough and help you survive the winter; it can also mean easier cleaning in the spring. Many of those trees and some shrubs are smaller, which means they are easier to find in the landscape.

Although the process will look different than landscaping at other times of the year, not only can you do landscaping in winter, but there are several reasons why you should do it. Call us at (88) 972-8063 or request an online work quote for garden services you can rely on. You probably already know that, but mulch is a vital part of any landscape, especially in Florida. However, you can still have beautiful scenery that stands out against the stark backdrop of the quiet season.

You probably don't think about your landscaping in autumn and winter as much as you do in spring and summer. Many home gardeners plant many unique flowers each fall to give their landscapes a whole new distinctive look.

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