Fall or Spring: When is the Best Time for Landscaping?

The reason fall is the best time for landscaping is because your plants will have time to prepare for a productive growing season in spring. Transplanting during the spring means your plants will need to devote more energy to acclimatize and survive. Timing is everything, especially when it comes to maintaining your top-notch landscaping. For example, autumn is a good time to plant trees, but a terrible time to prune certain shrubs.

Don't wait until spring to find that maintaining your garden in the fall did more harm than good. Spring is popular for planting larger trees, shrubs, and perennials. Traveling during the summer can let new plantations wilt, so you'll need to consider taking extra care of your new landscaping. Depending on whether you're planting, pruning, renovating your lawn, or adding watering, there are many reasons why fall is a prime season for landscaping projects.

You should take advantage of the fall months to assess the condition of your irrigation system and determine potential problem areas for winter drainage. Soil can dry out and compact during the hot, dry summer months, and once fall rain hits, water buildup can reveal where drainage needs to be improved.Generally speaking, landscaping by adding larger trees, perennials, or shrubs in the spring benefits from a warmer climate for growth, allowing them to be established long before cold weather sets in. September, October and November are good months to prepare your lawn for the harsh elements of the coming winter for the same reason mentioned above; autumn is a cooler time of year with higher humidity.As I have revealed, while there are some gardening tasks that shouldn't be done in the fall, for the most part, it's the best time to maintain the grounds, prepare the plants for the coming winter, and install new design projects. There's also a practical reason why planting and making other landscape improvements is a smart thing to consider in the fall.

Along with pruning, weed control and mulching the bed is an important maintenance item during the fall.Even if you live in a mild climate, there's a good chance that redoing your winter landscaping isn't on your list of winter activities. In addition to winterizing the garden, fall is an excellent time to redo landscaping, according to the USDA plant hardiness zone. That said, most homeowners will likely find that the best time of year to redo their landscaping is probably the time when they have the budget and their landscaper has the time. Most heathers bloom in the fall and winter and heathers bloom in the summer, so pruning in spring avoids cutting new buds and allows time to promote bud growth for the next bloom.While grass needs to be fertilized in the fall, most plants should not be fed during this time.

Talk to landscapers and gardeners, and they'll tell you that fall is the best time of year for the garden. Another landscape improvement, which can help with drainage but also protect structures, is to install drainage rock strips around buildings.

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