Best plants to get in my garden

A cousin to cabbage and broccoli, it can be planted directly in garden soil as a seed, or grown indoors and transplanted. Catmint, otherwise known as nepeta, is a glorious, hardy perennial. Some varieties have flowers that are double petaled and ruffled, even scented. Garden Designer Raine Clarke-Wills of Raine Garden Design (opens in new tab) says it's without a doubt the very best plant for beginners.

The more beans you pick, the more the plant will grow, and mature beans that are on the vine too long can become tough and stringy.

What is the best plant to grow in a garden?

While it’s possible to raise all the seeds in the same pot, this makes the young plants harder to remove when the time comes to transplant them. Mist the dirt with water (make it moist, but not soggy) and maintain a constant 70° to 80°F room temperature, and within 10 days, the little plants will sprout. Depending on what kind you're growing, you’ll want to arrange the young plants anywhere from 12 to 48 inches apart. Cultivating your own plants, whether to eat them or simply admire their beauty, is good for your overall wellbeing.

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